Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year's Celebration Website

Celeste was in this special youth presentation. At midnight on New Year's Eve it came online and Celeste played it for us. I believe the presentation is to be shown to all youth this New Year. Check it out. We haven't found Celeste in the videos yet, but I understand she is wearing a deep purple shirt. At the side of my blog is a widget so you can play music from the celebration.


Celeste said...

I found myself a couple of times in it. Some of the places where you can see me are in the video:
Steadfast and Immovable......4:36
For the Strength of Youth....10:54
We Will Stand................9:38

We will stand is the only one where you can actually see me up close. Look for me on the bottom of the screen. My hair is in a half-ponytail.