Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update on June 28th

On Thursday June 18th the new Mongolian president Elbegdorj was sworn in with a ceremony at Sukhbaatar Square here in Ulaanbaatar (

Since the day following the inauguration, we have not had hot water. I know there's no relationship, but that means including today we've had 10 days of only cold water. We're grateful for our large Philips electric tea kettle (it holds about 4 liters, more than a gallon); it does a good job of producing hot water. In fact if we boil water in the morning, the water is still warm at lunch time.

The girls Odmaa and Saran who wanted missionary lessons are taking the discussions with their mother. The sisters who are teaching them are excited about teaching them and having them as investigators. The elders still have not contacted our doctor Bolormaa, but we took the doctor both an English and a Mongolian Book of Mormon.

Last Monday at Sukhbaatar we conducted the recreational activities in the parking lot after the young singles home evening lesson. We played Land-Sea, Red Light - Green Light, and soccer.

Saturday morning I taught the two group piano classes since Sister Anderson wasn't able to teach them. In the evening we attended the National Theater with Gloria Wheeler who is leaving Mongolia soon and with her sister. This was the second time to see the performance here, and it was very good. Afterward we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. There were quite a few Americans at the restaurant. I thought what a contrast between eating there and the everyday lives of the people here.