Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mongolia's Nine White Banners "Yoson Kholt Tsagaan Tug"

I've been wondering about the nine white banners that I saw at Naadam. "Mongolia’s Nine White Banners or 'Yoson Kholt Tsagaan Tug' are the main symbols of Mongolian national unity, freedom, power, justice, brilliance, and peace. In the 13th century, Chinggis Khaan established the Great Mongolian State and initiated the nine white banners as symbols of ceremony. Mongolian people have been honoring the banners ever since.

"The nine white banners are made up of the tail hair of a thousand stallions from each of the provinces in the country. The white and tawny colours, as well as the horse hair, are symbolic of the power and strength of the state."