Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update on August 2, 2009

On Friday evening July 31st we went to Nailaikh Branch (40 km away). The Caldwells bring dinner to the 10 missionaries whenever they have a baptism. The baptism for that day was cancelled, but the Caldwells still brought dinner. We were invited to go with them. Nailaikh was the first branch we attended when we came to Mongolia. We enjoy getting out of the city and going to the countryside.

We also stopped at the huge Chinggis Khan monument (54 km from UB). From the top of the building, the monument of Ghinggis Khan and his horse is 40 m high. It was completed in commemoration of the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongol State (2006).

On Saturday night (Aug. 1) we had a farewell party at the Bayanzurkh building to say goodbye to the Clarks. It will be hard to see them go just as it was hard to see the Hitchmoughs leave. Both couples were an integral part of the mission and accomplished great work. The Clarks did humanitarian projects with Deseret International Charities; Elder Clark was also first counselor in the mission presidency. The Hitchmoughs worked with the English program and addiction recovery. In addition Elder Hitchmough was on the district council, and Sister Hitchmough was active with service projects.

About midnight on Saturday a new couple arrived from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, the Lassons. They are a wonderful couple and will be a great addition to Deseret International Charities and missionary work. At the senior couples fireside, which was held at our apartment on Sunday evening (Aug. 2), the lesson was on Redemption for the Dead. During the discussion I realized how outstanding all of our senior couples are. They have raised fine families with children and grandchildren and have been active in the Church and in leadership positions and in family history and temple work; they have done all the things faithful Church members are asked to do.