Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Patriarch for Mongolia

Mongolia has its first patriarch. His name is Brother Batbayar from the Selbe Ward in the Ulaanbaatar West Stake. The Ulaanbaatar West Stake is the first and only stake in Mongolia and was organized just last June 6, 2009.


Suzanne said...

Were the people in Mongolia not able to receive patriarchal blessings before this?

Joan said...

That is true unless they traveled outside the country and were able to obtain a blessing. I have heard that of those who received blessings outside of the country, all the tribes of Israel have been represented.

I don't think many have received blessings. That is why this is very important to them. With one patriarch in the entire country of Mongolia, it will still be a long time until all who want blessings will receive them.

Before the stake was organized there were no high priests and there were no patriarchal blessings.