Saturday, March 13, 2010

Expiring Registration Permits

In Mongolia we come with visas that are good for about three years. However, in order to stay here we must have a registration permit which must be renewed annually. Three of our couples came on a tourist visa receiving assurance from the Ministry of Immigration they would obtain a visa after they arrived in Mongolia. That did not happen. Their visas expired March 5 so these three couples left on March 2 for Seoul, Korea - the Eliasons, Powells, and Andersons (Choibalsan). The Atkins also had to leave with them because their registration expired.

To return, the couples are being sponsored by other organizations here in Mongolia so they can be registered. The Powells and Andersons are returning Sat. March 13. Hopefully the Eliasons and Atkins will return the beginning of next week.

Our young missionaries' registrations are also expiring. Thursday March 4, 10 of our American missionaries were transferred back to missions in the States to finish their missions. It was sad to see them go. Then on Tuesday March 9, 6 more Americans finished their missions - 4 flew back and 2 more will leave with their parents. This is making a big gap in the mission; they were all great missionaries. We only have 26 foreign missionaries (U.S. and other countries) left. Most of them will be gone by June unless something changes.

There is an article in Friday's (March 12) Salt Lake Tribune about Mormon missionaries leaving Mongolia.

Elder and Sister Clark who served as Deseret International Charities directors in Mongolia are back here to serve for another 18 months. They arrived the evening of Thursday March 11. Since they have visas, they were told they could enter the country, but they also need to find sponsors in order to get registered. They will work with the RM (returned missionaries) and PEF (the Perpetual Education Fund). Last night we had the privilege of having them to our apartment for dinner.

Tonight we will have a potluck at the Bayanzurkh building to welcome them and also to welcome the Powells and Andersons back from Korea.


John & Marjorie said...

Joan, I thought the PEF was the Perpetual Education Fund. Anyway, it's sad to see the mission shrinking like that, especially in a country like Mongolia where the work was just getting going. John Conrad

lori said...

I googled my parents and found your journal. I am soooooooo glad that they are as loved and looked for in Mongolia as they were here. We ran out of time with them before we ran out of things to do!! Please take good care of them for me.
Lori Clark Baumann

Joan said...

Marjorie, you are right. I typed it wrong. PEF is the Perpetual Education Fund.

Lori, we are so happy to have your parents back. They are such loving people and are a great addition to our mission.