Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheryl and Jim's Wedding October 11, 2008

Cheryl and Jim’s wedding was a special occasion. Cheryl looked wonderful in her white dress in the temple. It was great her sisters were able to help her dress in her temple clothes for the wedding ceremony and then help her dress in her wedding gown for the pictures afterwards. Elder Lamar Heslop, first counselor in the Los Angeles Temple presidency, performed the ceremony. Being united in the temple as a family, for Cheryl and Jim’s wedding, was a sacred experience.

Afterwards the usual wedding pictures were taken. Cheryl and Jim looked so happy, and the photographer took many great pictures. We are happy to have Jim as our new son-in-law. One picture I particularly liked was Cheryl with her nieces; she looked like Cinderella with the nieces admiring her.

In the evening a reception was held on a patio outside a Los Angeles stake center. The patio had appeal with arches and was surrounded by lights. Cheryl’s colors were dark red and brown. Go to www.myfamily.com to see pictures of the wedding and reception so you can appreciate the beauty created by Cheryl and Jim for the reception.