Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Support Traditional Marriage?

1) Marriage is first and foremost about children. Traditional strong healthy families reduce social ills and the need for government social programs such as child welfare and child-support enforcement. The government is most intrusive in personal lives when marriages fail. Thus traditional marriage needs strengthening, not abandoning.

2) Gender is not interchangeable. Nature determines a male and a female are needed to produce a child. Parenthood has always been tied to biological parenthood unless a biological parent releases his right to another parent of the same gender through adoption. Children need both a male and a female influence in their rearing.

3) A nation has an interest in the birth and education of children. When males and females do not value marriage and children, more and more children are born out of wedlock and there is a decline in the births of children resulting in a demographic death spiral. EU countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, and Spain are in the death spiral, demographically and culturally, which threatens their economies and social stability.

- Joan


Julie Bean said...

Keep your fingers crossed but hopefully Prop 8 is going to pass. Unfortunately, I read that the Mayor of SF will fight this and take it to the Supreme Court...big surprise huh? I guess in his mind, people's votes in CA don't count and he's in charge. But of course if it were the other way around, they'd be dancing in the streets. Makes me upset.