Sunday, February 1, 2009

Learning the Cyrillic Alphabet

For those who do not know, our official mission call came last Saturday. It was postmarked Tuesday Jan. 20th and arrived Sat. Jan. 31st.

Dad and I are working on learning the Cyrillic alphabet so we can begin to pronounce words. What is helping the most is the following guide to reading the Cyrillic Alphabet. I also have a link on the right in my Mongolian Websites section.

When I was going through the alphabet in order, there were too many strange symbols. Now I take the easiest letters first. It also helped me to see that some of the letters came from Greek. When I see gamma, I know why it’s pronounced with a “g.” The guide is designed for learning Russian, but it works fine for me although there are two additional letters in Mongolian that are not in Russian.

The guide also gives words so I can try out the new sounds. Then I go to the missionary grammar guide (I sent you a copy in an email) and my YouTube links to hear the words pronounced. I'm happy to be having success today. This afternoon I learned over half of the alphabet although I do feel tongue-tied when I pronounce the words. I'm sure my combining of the sounds into words leaves much to be desired.


Hanny Banany!!! said...

My mom emailed a website with the Mongolain words and their 35 letter alphabet. Try that!