Saturday, February 21, 2009

Self Reliance

Wes and I had the opportunity to speak tonight in the evening session of stake conference. Our theme was self reliance. As I prepared my talk I was reminded of the spiritual foundation of self reliance. Some of my quotes sounded political, but I was able to use them because they were printed in the Ensign. I let the quotes speak for themselves.

I enjoyed sitting on the stand and watching all the people fill the room. It is inspiring to watch the saints in our stake gather to hear the Lord's message. It reminds me of when I'm working as a follower at the temple. I'm always impressed by the faithful brothers and sisters who have come to the temple that day.

Dad gave a wonderful talk on spiritual self reliance and faith.

What follows is a copy of my talk. (Again click on the square on the top right to enlarge the document.)

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Self Reliance